Ministries Calendar

1st  Sunday of the month right after service Women in Motion for all women in the church.

2nd Sunday after service at 2:30 pm Gateway Nursing home.

3rd Sunday after service is New Praise Survivor's

4th Sunday is Minister Jason's Theology class

Minister Ryan's Pray service 9am to 10am following is minister Jason's Discovering God's word from 10am to 10:45am.

New Praise Ministries and Fellowship Opportunities

Early Morning Prayer Service – Minister Ryan

Children’s Sunday School – Sis. Barb and Sis. Destinell

Discovering God’s Word – Minister Jason

A Walk Through the Bible – Pastor Heath and Minister Ricco

Interactive Bible Study – Pastor and Minister Andrew

Theology Class – Minister Jason

Women In Motion (WIM) – Sis. Rosie Peake

Servant Leader Board

The Voices of New Praise – Lady Tina, Minister Andrew and Sis. Liz

Free2Prz Dance Ministry – Sis. Rosie, Sis. Sarah and Sis. Angelique

Media Ministry – Consuello Dixon

NPM on F.I.R.E. Youth Ministry – Sis. Mandie

K.I.C.K.  Kids in Christ Kingdom - First Lady Tina HealthSis. Jasmine,
Sis. Danielle, Sis. Dominique, Sis.Sarah. (Infancy through age 12)

NPM Survivors – Sis. Barbara Lawson
(Offering Christian solutions to victims of domestic violence, parental abuse, depression and​ the like)

Usher Board/Greeters Ministry -- Sis. Donna Lanier

Gateway Manor Nursing Home

Loving Arms (Hospitality) Ministry – Mother Laura Turner

Finance Committee